Graham Norton: Nicole Kidman Asked About Bathing Colin Farrell in Front of Keith Urban!

Nicole-Kidman-Keith-UrbanAt the new episode of The Graham Norton Show with her husband, Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman was asked about Colin Farrell, who she did a couple of hit movies with and appearing again in The Beguiled.

The stars are coming in two upcoming movies opposite each other, so the movies came up in the conversation. However, the chat suddenly fell into difficult territory when they got on the topic of her intimate scenes.

“I had to give him a sponge bath and it took about a day!” she said of Farrell in The Beguiled. When asked if those scenes are awkward, she responded with, “Considering what Colin and I did in The Killing Of A Sacred Deer, that was nothing.”

The husband and wife of more than a decade always appear to be rock solid whenever they are together and this is not common in celebrity couples. Plus, Urban already has something in store for his wife’s 50th birthday, which is still a full month away.”I got a lot of good stuff planned,” he told the host. “She’s not good with surprises at all.”

“I actually break out in a cold sore if I have a surprise,” Kidman revealed.

See the full episode here:

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