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 According to fresh rumors, we could be seeing a GTA 5 release date announcement at the Gamescom trade fair, which is held annually in Cologne, Germany.

The rumor mill went wild after a Gamescom 2012 promotional video, which was released online earlier this month, showed a brief clip of the game.

The game’s publisher, Take-Two, is also included on the list of exhibitors, so the chances of a big announcement being made is extremely likely, although never guaranteed.

Previously, developer Rockstar offered a tantalizing insight into Grand Theft Auto 5 with a spokesperson for the company telling eager gamers more is to come “in a few month’s time.”

That was a few months ago.

“Right now, we are very hard at work on the game and are excited as well to show and tell you more as development progresses,” an unnamed representative for the company said.

“Expect that we’ll be talking much more about GTAV starting at some point in a few months’ time.”

What we do know for certain is that GTA 5 will be arriving on the PS3 after Sony’s PlayStation 3 site put up an official GTA V web page.

We’ve received a tip-off from a Future Shop customer who may’ve inadvertently stumbled across the release date of the eagerly-awaited title. Having purchased a copy of Max Payne 3, our tipster received a special offer on his receipt promising $20 off his purchase of GTA V. That, in itself, isn’t particularly significant, for both games are published by Rockstar Games, but the time frame for when the offer can be redeemed is certainly noteworthy.


On the receipt, the following information is printed:

With this receipt, you are eligible for a $20 gaming credit towards Grand Theft Auto V. Offer valid February 1st, 2013 – May 31st, 2013

This could suggest the title will be hitting stores on 1st February next year, and although we’ve heard many predictions as to when the title will be arriving, this is perhaps the first piece of evidence we’ve seen.

The redemption period is somewhat vague, meaning the title could release anytime within the four-month allowance, and with so much work has gone into the making of GTA V, Rockstar will strive to ensure everything is perfect, so delays would seem rather probable.


The series has come under scrutiny in the past from critics, many of whom see the level of violence within the various iterations of GTA to be over-the-top and unnecessary. The notoriety it has accumulated over the years has helped it push impressive numbers though, and Grand Theft Auto V is easily the most anticipated since San Andreas dropped several years ago.

It’s certainly plausible GTA V could arrive late January – early February, and with the post-holiday season sales allowing many gamers to grab an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 for cheaper than usual, the foundations will have been perfectly laid for the big release.

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