Grand Theft Auto’s Diamond Casino Chips Can Be Turned Into Cash

Grand Theft Auto's Diamond Casino

Grand Theft Auto V has opened an in-game casino and it is among some of the best online casinos, which are similar to the best real online casinos,  in video games. where you can spend real money on gambling chips – but you can’t change them back to cash.

The new option was released as regulators grapple with whether in-game wagers should be seen as gambling.

In GTA Online, players can buy the in-game “money” with real money, and then change their virtual dollars to poker chips.

The game is rated 18 for adults but remains popular among teens and younger players.

The in-game cash can be used to buy cars, weapons, and other items – and also used to play slot machines, poker or roulette.

Some gamers reported that while they could walk around the casino floor, the gambling tables were barred in their country where gambling is illegal already but still they cant play on the tables.

Gamers have mixed opinions about the fact that gambling chips can be purchased with real cash.

The game streamer Broughy1322 who is a famous streamer, also showcasing the newly released DLC on Twitch said: “They’ve made it, I can’t comprehend they’ve done it,” after finding that in-game dollars can be exchanged directly for chips.

“They’ve gone over the line of what they would, and it’s a big problem that they allow you to buy chips with real money, frankly,” he added later as viewers questioned the system.

Before the release, it was not made clear if such an interchange would be possible.

Kotaku thought that chips would only be made by playing the game – similar to the way it works in Rockstar’s other famous online game, Red Dead, and in many other games. “This way, players can’t use real money or win fake money that is as good as real cash in the casino,” it said.

The 2019 conversion rate is roughly GTA$500,000 for £5.99 – with discounts for larger amounts obtained. There is also a limit on how many chips can be purchased every hour in the casino.

But the thing that in-game winnings cannot be changed back into real-world cash may be a fundamental difference for regulators.

The UK gambling watchdog told MPs on Monday that it does not manage the buying of in-game content – for example, the video game loot boxes – because there is no official way to monetize the earnings.

A prize should be money or have monetary value in position for it to come under gambling law, it told a parliamentary commission.

But there is a grey area that exists in some games where a third-party “black market” works, allowing gamers to gamble or sell the in-game items which they win in the game. For eg, It includes players who got through “card packs” in Fifa 19, or skins which are rare are earned in shooter Counter-Strike.

GTA items are tied to a player’s account, making it harder to sell compared to other video games.

“Unlicensed and unauthorized secondary in-game item trading markets that abuse the terms and conditions of games are a scourge on the industry,” said Jo Twist, chief executive of the video games trade body Ukie.

“Companies take proactive steps to close them down, always working hand in hand with law enforcing agencies and regulators to keep players safe.”

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