Guy Builds a Disneyland Themed Amusement Park In His Backyard

Disneyland Themed Amusement Park

Steve Dobbs, who is from Fullerton, California and he is a retired Boeing aerospace engineer, He fulfilled his grandchildren’s dreams by building a giant Disneyland themed amusement park in his backyard appropriately titled “Dobbsland.” According to the Orange County Register, Steve “got help from a Cal Poly Pomona class on the roller coaster” (The Matterhorn).

Disneyland Themed Amusement Park  Disneyland Themed Amusement Park

Disneyland Themed Amusement Park

Mandy AcArthur climbs to the top of The Madderhorn (cq) rollercoaster in her father’s Fullerton backyard on June 1, 2016.
Steve Dobbs, a former Boeing aerospace engineer, built Disney-inspired rides in his backyard including an adult-sized roller coaster. He calls the collection of rides, Dobbsland.
///ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Slug: fnt.BackyardDisneyland.0609.jag, Day: Wednesday, June 1, 2016 (6/1/16), Time: 2:24:31 PM, Location: Fullerton, California – Dobbsland – JEFF GRITCHEN, STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER

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