GRAVITRAX Will Add Electronic Components To Your Marble Tracks


STEM toy GraviTrax is a series of rails and a variety of tracks that you build however you want to get a marble from the start of your course all the way to the end, typically using gravity. It all sounds really simple, but it is actually really entertaining to build, and with all the different expansions available there are many possibilities.

Now for the first time, Ravensburger is adding electronic components. GraviTrax POWER will come out this Fall with two different starter sets. In September Target will exclusively sell GraviTrax POWER Starter Set will retail for $99.99. It will be a 123-piece set that will come with both the new POWER Starter and POWER Finish elements. In October Amazon and specialty realtors will carry GraviTrax POWER Starter Set XXL for $329.99.

This will come with a 138-piece set that includes all seven new electronic POWER elements. New GraviTrax Power accessories will also be available at retailers nationwide in October 2022. All these new components will be compatible with earlier releases and will allow builders to add power-boosting signal control for longer-lasting marble runs.

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