Gremlins In The Pipeline ?

 According to Vulture and their inside sources, the studio is currently in negotiations for Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment to reboot the classic 1984 family horror film Gremlins.

This is one of the best movie’s from some or our childhood’s and we love to see it remade by “maybe” Steven Spielberg .

The question do you want to see a Epic of movie’s Remake ? 

Who Wants a GREMLINS Remake?
There has been chatter about Gremlins sequels and reboots in the past with nothing tangible to show for it. There are also the very real facts that A) original producer Steven Spielberg won’t likely part with the rights except under specific conditions and B) Gremlins is a true classic that doesn’t really need rebooting anyway.

But you knew that people would keep trying since Gremlins has a huge brand name value and is a cool concept. It’s not that a new take on the idea can’t work, and it’s also not as though the original will simply vanish, but it does feel a little superfluous to requirements to do it over.

Given the history of this one, we’ll wait and see whether this story turns out to be true and if it then makes it out of executive meeting rooms before we start pondering the pros and cons too much. But for Gremlins fans, why not take a listen to our podcast with original star Zach Galligan, who even talked about ideas that had floated for a potential Gremlins 3?

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