Gremlins Reboot In The Works?

gremlins remake

So you ask is there another Gremlins movie in the works and are we excited or ready for it ? Well i think it will be interesting giving that the Original Gremlins movies were fun back in the day but they are from the bygone days and looks funny now offcourse same as if you try and see the Original
Evil Dead or Exorcism now you will be laughing half of the movie , But back then they were greatly feared movies, Bloody-Disgusting reports that Seth Grahame-Smith (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) and David Katzenberg have been strapped with producing duties, however, no writer or director are attached at this time.

The two have a first-look contract with the studio and are also at work on a Beetlejuice sequel now that i want to hear more about. Their two-year deal was signed back in fall of 2011.Earlier this year, talks of a Gremlins remake surfaced when Frank Marshall revealed that a redo could not happen without Steven Spielberg’s “okay.”

So what you think about this project are you excited about it Or did you ever watch the originals ?

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