A Grotto Sauna on the Lake Huron

A Grotto Sauna on the Lake Huron

Perched at the north-west edge of San Souci Island on Lake Huron, the 800 sq. ft. Grotto Sauna is a free-standing structure situated on a large-scale rock formation designed by Partisans. The selected concept for the Grotto prescribed a solid, simple presence on the exterior, while the interior followed dynamic air movements in curvature forms.

The Grotto uses two high performance ovens and there are vents and fans in-place that allow the building to breathe seasonally and prevent rot or mold in the structure. Cedar was selected for its resistance to rot, aroma, colour, local sources, and quality. The openings were fabricated in Ontario, Canada using double and triple glazed high-efficiency annealed glass. Be sure to check out the timelapse of the build below along with additional photos of this beautiful sauna.

A grotto (Italian grotta and French grotte) is any type of natural or artificial cave that is associated with modern, historic, or prehistoric use by humans. When it is not an artificial garden feature, a grotto is often a small cave near water and often flooded or liable to flood at high tide. The picturesque Grotta Azzurra at Capri and the grotto of the villa of Tiberius in the Bay of Naples are outstanding natural seashore grottoes. Whether in tidal water or high up in hills, they are very often in limestone geology where the acidity dissolved in percolating water has dissolved the carbonates of the rock matrix as it has passed through what were originally small fissures.

[Partisans via Contemporist]

A Grotto Sauna on the Lake Huron (1) A Grotto Sauna on the Lake Huron A Grotto Sauna on the Lake Huron A Grotto Sauna on the Lake HuronA Grotto Sauna on the Lake Huron


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