GTA 3 PC Cheats: Complete List For Rockstar Launcher

GTA 3 PC Cheats

If you have started playing GTA 3 again in the Definitive Edition? Here’s a cool list of the best cheat codes for Xbox and PlayStation. To be honest, These cheat codes were imprinted into my brain a long time ago, it is like muscle memory when I’m playing the game and controller in hand, cheat codes just pop up.

  1. Save The Game:

    Due to it being impossible to deactivate some cheats, and their use also stopping you from earning any Achievements, it’s important to have a clean save point to return to later.

  2. Select the Cheats:

    With the huge amount of cheats that Rockstar Games chose to include in GTA 3, it’s obvious if you have a hard time choosing. Pick the cheats you want to use from the list below.

  3. Enter Your Codes:

    To turn on the cheat all you need to do is type in the relevant phrase. Do this during gameplay and without pausing the game.

  4. Cheat Activated:

    If you did the steps that we’ve outlined so far, you’ll see a little pop-up on your screen saying that cheats activation has been turned on.


Grand Theft Auto 3 PC Cheats

This works in the definitive edition only

Causes cars to take off from the ground

NPCs Carry Weapons: Enter WEAPONSFORALL
PEDs will be packing guns. They won’t be hostile by default, but they will shoot back if attacked

PEDs will attack one another and the player. Non-revertable

PEDs will attack the player. Non-revertable

Give All Weapons: Enter GUNSGUNSGUNS
The player has access to all weapons in the game

Give $250,000: Enter IFIWEREARICHMAN
The player’s money is increased by $250,000

Maximum Armor: Enter TORTOISE (TURTOISE in older version)
Replenishes the player’s armor

Maximum Health: Enter GESUNDHEIT
Replenishes the player’s HP

Increase Fog: Enter ILIKESCOTLAND
Changes the weather to slightly foggy

Increase Fog More: Enter ILOVESCOTLAND
Changes the weather to moderately foggy

Increase Fog Max: Enter PEASOUP
Changes weather to very foggy

Sunny Weather: Enter SKINCANCERFORME
Changes the weather to sunny

Decrease Wanted Level: Enter NOPOLICEPLEASE
Removes one wanted star

Increase Wanted Level: Enter MOREPOLICEPLEASE
Adds one wanted star

Auto-Explode Cars: Enter BANGBANGBANG
Vehicles in proximity to the player character will automatically explode

Toggle Character Skin: Enter ILIKEDRESSINGUP
Cycles through a selection of alternate character models

Better Handling: Enter CORNERSLIKEMAD
Makes cars easier to drive and handle

Gameplay speed is increased

Invisible Cars: Enter ANICESETOFWHEELS
Cars become see-through

Spawn Tank: Enter GIVEUSATANK
Spawns a tank directly in front of the player

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