GTA 5 Spaceship Parts

Collect Spaceship Parts and bring them to Omega the Hippie to gain access to an interesting tidbit of technology. .

Before you can begin collecting the parts, players must first complete the main story mission Fame or Shame. After, they must begin the Far Out mission, involving Franklin and Omega.

Spaceship Parts are small, glowing objects. They are usually well-hidden inside buildings, in crevices, or beneath vehicles.

Spaceship Parts generate a pulsing light at night. They also produce a rhythmic hum which aids greatly in discovering them.

GTA 5 Spaceship Parts

Spaceship Part #1
Location. This Part can be located in the town of Grapeseed to the north. It located on a farm here but to find it you need to go to the map.
There is a T-Shirt shop and a Property icon in this town, if you make a line from the shop to the property and extend it, it will pass through this farm. You’ll find it on the ground out in the open.

Spaceship Part #2
Location. There is a small road that leaves the town of Grapeseed and runs north along the main road. You’ll know which one because it makes a sharp u-turn and ends in a dead-end. Go along it, and just after the bend there will be a shed to the right with this part inside.

Spaceship Part #3
Location. Now you need to head to the tippy-top section of the map. Go where the main road is at its northern-most point (near the Pay ‘n’ Spray and T-Shirt shop) Just south of the main road here is a large farm. Inside the barn you can find the part.

Spaceship Part #4
Location. Head to Paleto Bay, which is a town to the north-west, right on the coast (the same town near the last part). There is a gunshop in this town and right behind it is a Fire Department Training Facility. Enter the compound and head up to the second floor of the grey cement building in the back.

Spaceship Part #5
Location. This one is also very close to the town above. Head out of the town on the main road south while keeping an eye on the countryside to the left. About half a mile down from the gunshop you should find a weird cemented tunnel (probably a drainage thing). Inside this is the part.

Spaceship Part #6
Location. This is found on a rock outcropping on Paleto Cove. Head south alongside the beach from Paleto Bay and before too long you’ll find a piece of land jutting out into the water like a little hill. You’ll find the part on this.

Spaceship Part #7
Location. Once again, head south along the main road from Paleto Bay and you’ll come a across a large bridge. The part is actually lying on one of the arches underneath the bridge and is pretty hard to get to. One thing to note is that the span of the arch is just wide enough for a helicopter to land on, so you might want to consider snatching up one of those choppers at the hospital with Trevor and showing off your flight skills.

Spaceship Part #8
Location. From the last part, head alongside the river that the bridge crosses over to the east. You should eventually come a similarly sized bridge. Underneath this bridge is a waterfall and a rocky outcropping in the middle of the river. The part is on this rock.

Spaceship Part #9
Location. This part is found near the top of Mount Josiah, on a series of rock ledges. Try heading directly up the slope from the train tracks to the east.

Spaceship Part #10
Location. Just before the river ends, there’s another bridge, and just before that you can find this part on some rocks in a dip on the riverbank.

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