GTA 5 Trivia

Every game has some interesting tidbits of trivia and the thundering powerhouse of Grand Theft Auto 5 is no different. Here are some interesting facts about GTA 5 that might go unnoticed.

GTA 5 Got Real Life Gangsters as Voice Actors

1. Rockstar hired real life criminals to voice various criminals within the game in order to add authenticity. One voice actor was only let out of prison the day before he went in to record his lines.

2. Spoiler: In one of the missions for Devin, Franklin has to steal a car from a film studio. It is highly likely that the film being produced is 007: James Bond, as Franklin must first steal the clothes of an actor, a white tuxedo made famous by James Bond films, and the director of the film is British, the origins of the James Bond films. The car itself is loaded with various gadgets, another staple in the James Bond series.

3. The Z-Type gang car used by the Zaibatsu Corporation from Grand Theft Auto 2, appears in the mission “Eye in the Sky”. In it, Spoiler: Franklin and Treavor must retrieve one for Devin Weston which has been hidden by a man named Chad Mulligan. The car can also be bought from for $10,000,000.

4. Toni, the radio DJ for Flash FM in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Flashback FM in Grand Theft Auto III, appears on a billboard for the Vinewood Sports LS store.

5. One of the textures for trash spread around the city contains a newspaper extract with the words “Narwal? Bacon?” written prominently as a headline for an article. This is a reference to the website Reddit, which created the phrase “The Narwhal Bacons at Midnight” as something users of the site can say in public to identify themselves as users of the site.

6. In the short film, “Capolavoro”, that can be seen in some of the movie theaters, you can see the “Heart of Liberty” easter egg from Grand Theft Auto IV, in addition to some random clips from GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption.

7. When switching to Trevor, there is a random chance that Trevor will be driving down the highway on a scooter chasing somebody else on a scooter, while yelling “We are scooter brothers!” This is a reference to a popular Grand Theft Auto IV video with the same premise. Trevor will even continue to quote the video if he continues to drive near him.

8. Lester’s house contains a number of action figures, including parodies of Master Chief from Halo, and Superman. These are Impotent Rage, a superhero from an in-game cartoon series, and a Republican Space Ranger from another in-game cartoon series.

9. North West of Fort Zancudo is a UFO in the sky that can only be accessed by helicopter. It is motionless and doesn’t move. Approaching the UFO will make a loud screeching noise, and all power will be cut from your vehicle.

10. Early on in the game, Franklin can be seen walking past a building daubed with gangland graffiti that pays homage to Grove Street and the Grove Street Family. Three gangsters dressed in green, the color of the gang, stand by while an image of a skull wearing a green rag over its mouth adorns the wall with the message “Welcome back. We missed you last time.”, welcoming players back to the city of San Andreas from

11. Early in the game, Lester refers to an Eastern-European man living in Liberty City who went quiet. The man in question is Niko from Grand Theft Auto IV. This could mean that he is either dead, or gave up crime.

12. In the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness is a scene in which a drug deal has gone bad. Down a slope is a briefcase and a man telling the player to stay away from the case. Grabbing the case (which grants $25,000), he still state “you are a dead man.” This is a reference to the movie “No Country for Old Men,” as one of the protagonists stumbles upon a drug deal gone bad and a case which contains $2,000,000. When the protagonist finds and takes the money, he discovers that a hitman (as well as the police and cartel) are out to recover the money.

13. Between 23:00 and 0:00 in the eastern peak of Mount Gordo, the ghost of Leonora Johnson will be present. She will not take damage or move, and the word “JOCK” is written in blood on the rock where she stands. Leonora fades away if the player gets too close.

14. During the prologue in which the player has to escape from the police after robbing a bank, by veering off the road and onto the frozen stream, it’s possible to look under the bridge and find an alien frozen under the ice.

15. In the mission Predator, Michael must use a sniper rifle fitted with a thermal scope to find the O’Neil Brothers in the woods at night. If the player zooms in on the thermal heat dot on the bottom right, it appears to be a Bigfoot standing still. Shooting it does nothing and it abruptly disappears after a few seconds.

16. In the Special and Collectors Edition of the game there is a double sided blueprint map. When looked at in UV lighting it reveals secrets and surprises.

17. The world is bigger than the total size of the worlds from Grand Theft Auto IV, Red Dead Redemption, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas combined.

18. There is an underwater UFO that can be accessed by mini-sub. The UFO is found in the north of the world map.

19. The mission “Grass roots – Trevor” is thought to be a reference to a scene in the movie “PeeWee’s Big Adventure”. Both scenes are hallucinations, contain clowns, and both have the same background music.

20. In the Suburban store that you visit in the mission ‘Friend Request’, one of the shirt stalls allows you to buy a parrot tropical shirt, similar to the one worn by Max Payne in Max Payne 3. Also, if you give Michael just a light scruffy beard while he’s wearing his grey suit, he looks oddly similar to Max Payne at the beginning of Max Payne 3.

21. In the Discount Clothing Store in Grapeseed, you can find a diamond print white and black jacket with a yellow crab on the back. This is a reference to Ryan Gosling’s Jacket in the movie ‘Drive’, where he had an almost identical diamond print white and black jacket but with a yellow scorpion on the back.

22. On GTA’s Facebook parody, Life Invader, you can see that Michael has a man named Nicholas Bell in his friends list. This is a reference to GTA IV’s main protagonist, Niko Bellic.

23. There are billboards around the game that say “Rehab Island”. The logo bears resemblance to the logo from the game “Dead Island”.


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