Guide on How to Photograph Kids

Guide on How to Photograph Kids

Photographing children can be a great adventure! They’re squirmy, they’re busy, they’re quick, and at times they’re bad-tempered, but guess what? Relatively, all of the stuff is a piece of cake. So, what is the real challenge? It is, “The cheeeeeeeeeeese.” So, here we have the best tips to photograph kids:

Remove “Cheese” from Your Vocabulary

The “cheese” word is to real photography what bells are to Pavlov’s Dog. The MOMENT a child hears it; they tamely put on their “photo face.”

So, if you want to create actual, timeless photos as a child photographer, then avoid this word like open field in thunderstorms.


Just relax. Small children respond genuinely to normalcy. But, if you keep chasing them around, badly trying to pull smile out of them, then you will get exactly what you asked for: forced, inauthentic, strained smiles. If you’ll be patient and go along with the flow quietly, your subject will keep warming up, and you’ll get what you’re actually looking for eventually.

Let Them Go

Rather than trying to keep children to a particular backdrop, let them explore. They’ll be thousand times more supportive when you get them do something particular if you haven’t made the whole shoot asking them to “look over there,” “look over here,” “sit down, stand up. . . fight, fight, and fight.” (Sorry, but I couldn’t stop myself.) Keep in mind, your subject doesn’t need to be looking at the camera directly (or even facing at it for that matter) for you photo to tell an impressively authentic story.

Just Be Yourself

It isn’t simple for everyone to get connected with these little people. But, if you can’t connect authentically, how will you capture a genuine image? The best thing that you can do so as to create a beautiful art with any kid is relax simply and be yourself. Children are sensitive. They sense if you overdo it and if you’re no acting like yourself, they’ll react in kind.

Remember, kids also love to be treated with respect (like every adult I know). So, if you give respect to them, act like yourself, breathe deep, and have fun, then you’ll be a great, big success. 100% guaranteed.

Everybody does things in a different way. The most unsafe thing that we can do being educators is enforce limitations on the creativity and innovation. And the most essential thing that we can perform as artists is to fight against these limitations—self imposed or otherwise—and discover our genuine artistic voice. Take whatever you’ve learned today and adapt it in the way which fits within the area of YOUR passion and exclusive style as a child photographer in Fox Cities, and if it’s not an ideal fit, throw it all together. Keep in mind the words, “perfectly imperfect?,” they not just apply to our subjects, however to us being artists as well. There isn’t a wrong way or a right way to approach art. The best way is merely whichever way we select to go on.

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