Netflix is unarguably one of the biggest sources of entertainment in the 21st century with content that range from TV shows to documentaries and movies. Every lover of good entertainment has a healthy appreciation for Netflix which is available in about 190 countries. Despite the widespread availability of Netflix, the available content varies according to the region. What one will find on US Netflix is different from what is available in other countries. Netflix is also unavailable in some countries.

Because of the restrictions on Netflix content and the unavailability of Netflix in certain regions, it is not uncommon for entertainment lovers to seek ways to watch Netflix from anywhere in the world. We bring you a guide to lead you in the right direction as you seek unlimited access to Netflix content.


Why one may seek ways for watching Netflix from anywhere in the world

As highlighted earlier, the major reason for this guide is to provide unlimited access to Netflix content that may be restricted in certain countries. It is especially important for persons that live in countries where Netflix is not well established hence a limitation in the available content.

Netflix typically offers content which research has shown to appeal to people in a specific region. So, based on the findings of the research, certain shows are restricted to countries where they will do better-depriving users of Netflix in other countries of premium entertainment in some cases. This limitation necessitated measures for bypassing the geo-restrictions on Netflix.

One may also want to enjoy a mix of the Netflix content available in the different regions, from British humor to American crime drama, and to do that need measures of accessing Netflix content without any restrictions.

The regulations of certain countries prevent Netflix from operating there thus restricting persons that live in those countries from accessing Netflix content. For example, Netflix is unavailable in China because of its regulations. Persons who live in China and want to access Netflix thus have to employ tools and methods for masking their location.

Methods and tools for watching Netflix from anywhere in the world include:



A VPN provides a server where the traffic from one’s online activity is rerouted to thus ensuring privacy and security. In providing enhanced privacy and security, VPNs also allow unblocking of geo-restrictions and thus can be used for accessing unlimited Netflix content.

Several free and paid VPNs are available for protecting internet users and ensuring enhanced privacy. However, the paid VPN versions are most appropriate for unblocking geo-restrictions on Netflix. Netflix can detect almost all free VPNs.

A VPN masks the IP address of the user since the traffic from the user’s online activity is transferred to the VPN server. So, Netflix sees the connecting server as the server of the VPN which is based on one’s country of choice rather than their actual location.

For example, if a person wants to access US Netflix but is based in Scotland, they need to connect to Netflix from a US-based VPN server. The use of the server will mask their location as it will appear that their activity is from the US.

When choosing the ideal VPN for Netflix, it is important to go with one that has several servers spread across multiple countries to enjoy a wider range of content. VPN is effective for watching Netflix irrespective of location on laptops and computers and not very effective for mobile devices.

VPNs also have other benefits apart from watching unlimited Netflix and ensured the enhanced security and privacy that is increasingly becoming a necessity for internet users.


Browser plugins

Browser plugins can also be used for watching Netflix unlimited by location, although they may not be as effective as VPNs. Browser plugins and extensions are effective for watching Netflix on computers and laptops, and they work like VPNs masking the location of users.

One can get browser plugins and extensions for free on the Internet, install them and activate them when they watch Netflix. These plugins and extensions offer servers from multiple locations with which users can watch unlimited Netflix. Browser plugins and extensions reroute the browser traffic of users, just like VPNs but the variety of servers may be limited.


Smart DNS service

This service which is provided by Internet Service Providers can be used to watch unlimited Netflix from anywhere in the world and is available for both mobile devices and gaming consoles.

Smart DNS works by connecting users to the server they seek when they make a request and does not reroute browsing traffic to a new server. This option is also known to be faster than VPN although the options may also be limited and not as efficient as VPNs.

Watching unlimited Netflix simply requires a few tools and tricks which we have listed above.

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