Guide to Wearing Fine Jewellery Everyday


Is it a good choice to wear my jewelry every day? Are there any occasions where I should not be wearing my jewelry? How can I take better care of my jewelry? Well, here are a few things to note if you wear or want to wear jewelry on a daily basis. 

We all love the idea of accessorizing, especially if it includes our favorite fine jewelry pieces. To wear them every day feels good, doesn’t it? These pieces of jewelry can hold so much meaning from an engagement ring to a sentimental heirloom that gives you pride and joy once you look at it. When you’ve gone through the trouble of making your own customised jewellery singapore, it’s a shame to only wear your favorite piece once or twice a year.

However, some people are afraid of wearing jewelry all the time. The reason being, they are afraid that by having it on and exposed to the surroundings for a long period of time will result in the jewelry tarnishing or getting damaged. 

One fast way to fix this fear would be to invest in diamonds. Diamonds are the hardiest stones out there and can last you a lifetime! Other gems, unfortunately, are easily damaged and not as hardy as the diamond. That, however, does not mean that you cannot wear them every day. You just have to be very careful around them. 

Here are a few things to note when it comes to wearing fine jewelry on a daily basis: 


To the Gym

It is good to keep fit and exercise regularly, but is it a good option to have your jewelry on during the activity? Many would choose the option of storing their pretty jewelry away and perhaps only have their wedding rings on while on the treadmill. 

When at the gym, it is best to not have any jewelry pieces on you. This is especially so when you are doing weights or attending boxing classes. Wearing your ring puts it in a position that is vulnerable to being knocked out of place or being dented due to the impact. There is also the chance of injuring yourself if your ring catches on the apparatus. 


However, activities such as yoga, cardio, or swimming are much safer when it comes to jewelry. This is because diamonds and gemstones are not damaged when in contact with sweat or chlorine. The metals, however, have to be looked out for. Metals such as gold and silver can become pitted when exposed to chlorine. Platinum rings may have some gold in them, so do not bring them into the pool with you. Chlorine and sweat do cause the metals to lose their shine and become dull. To fix this, clean them regularly using mild soap and lukewarm water. 

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To Work

When is it appropriate to wear fine jewelry at work? Well, this mostly depends on the kind of job you have. If you are in a field that requires you to lift boxes or move bulky items, then choosing to wear your jewelry would not be ideal. You would not want to risk the chances of chipping or cracking the rubies and sapphires that you have on. Even diamonds are not a safe choice despite it being the hardest materials out there, because there is a chance your ring or necklace may catch onto something, causing you to lose your precious item. 

Having rings on your finger can be quite troublesome if your hands are put to a lot of work. One good idea would be to attach your engagement ring or wedding ring to a chain to use as your necklace – close to heart, far from damage. 


To Sleep

No allergy to metals? Skin isn’t sensitive? Then yes, it is alright to wear your rings or earrings when you go to sleep. Note though, that it is ideal to take them off once a week for cleaning. There can be a lot of dirt and oil collected in them – especially earrings. 

Still, it is advisable to remove your jewelry before you go to bed if you are afraid that the prongs will wear off. 


Do Cosmetics Damage Jewellery?

Yes, they do. Your daily fragrances, hairspray, and creams can cause the gemstones to turn dull. The oil from these products can even get stuck in the facets of the diamonds giving them a cloudy look. The most vulnerable jewelry is pearls. They can easily absorb the chemicals which cause them to dry out and increases the chances of it cracking. 

To prevent this from happening, it will be a good idea to only put on your jewelry after you have finished up doing your hair and makeup. This goes the same for night time skincare routines. Remove your jewelry before attending to your skin. 


Do Cleaning Products Damage Jewellery?

Yes, they do. This is because cleaning products are full of chemicals. One example would be bleach. When metals such as gold or platinum come into contact with bleach, they will discolor. Not only that, but the finish and polish of your gemstones will also begin to fade. Another chemical in cleaning products is ammonia. It can turn silver jewelry to black. Even if the product claims to be ‘safe and organic’, it is still best to keep your jewelry away from these products. 


How Should I Store My Jewellery?

It is best to keep your jewelry in a cool and dry environment that is away from direct sunlight. The best place would be to keep it in the jewelry box that the piece came in. Another option would be to use acid-free tissue to wrap the jewelry with. Untreated cotton or raw silk can be used too. Having small pouches of silica in your jewelry box is also a good option to help balance out the humidity levels.

Having jewelry on really does feel great, doesn’t it? The problem is caring for your jewelry pieces so that they keep their brilliance and shine for as long as possible. As such, more precautions should be taken when wearing them every day, be it for home use or out to work or to the gym. Your jewelry pieces should also get a cleaning every week to ensure that they do not have bacteria and oil left on it. If you are interested in knowing today’s jewelry trend, having a ‘self-love’ ring is the most ‘in’ thing now for women. These are usually worn on the pinkie finger. Nothing beats loving yourself the most!

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