Guy Accidentally Sold His Friend’s $1.4 Million JUSTICE ONLINE Character for $600


There are collectors out there who have spent a lot of real-world money into video game collectibles and all sorts of stuff. Typically though, people tend to divide their money across many games that they love to play. Some cosmetic DLC for game A, the super-cool and powerful weapons for game B, etc. Well, one man in China paid $1.4 million on his character in Justice Online. That’s a lot of money by any standard for an online video game. That’s also not where the story ends.


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The owner gave the character to a mate of his. The friend then chose to sell the character back to his friend for $55,200 but made a typo and put the price for $552. A third person then quickly seized up the character. The friend accused being confused after playing too much of the game. Needless to say, the real owner was not too happy about things and possibly sued NetEase, the developer. A magistrate ruled that NetEase had to revert back the character to the original owner, but the owner had to pay the buyer $12,800.

That is a ludicrous story. I am so confused by so many characters of this. Also, I’m very glad I haven’t used that much on a single character. Have you ever spent on a single character?


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