Guy Tricked His iPhone X Into Unlocking Using A Creepy Mask

 iPhone X

The iPhone X is the most secure smartphone in the market right now or so it claims, but is it really? But today you will see a Vietnamese tech security firm Bkav developed a mask that fools the phone to unlocking and open for anyone, and they did it in less than a week. so I think iPhone X is not that secure as we thought it is.

The mask is particularly designed to fool the iPhone X into thinking that it is looking at the face of the owner, how they made it or what they made it with is beyond me.

Who wants one? that’s easy.. Your GF, your wife or both of them as well as some criminal minded people. That said, it’d be very hard to build one of these if you didn’t have a 3D printer, silicone, and all that things The Verge says you need to make one of these, if China didn’t get the idea to start mass producing them that is. Check out the phone getting cheated below.

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