H2OME Is Your Own Underwater Home

H2OME Is Your Own Underwater Home

The house is known as H2OME and comes with two completely submerged floors adding up to provide 3,600 sq. ft. of living space underwater. The house can be accessed from shore by means of a private pier, that will allow entry into the submersible resident via either spiral staircase or a central elevator. The top floor layout has two bedrooms that feature views of the ocean above, two bathrooms and an open lounge area. The lower floor has a master bedroom with en-suite bath, a kitchen with adjacent wine-cellar, library, lounge, dining area, office space and a number of ocean-viewing areas and last but not the least; a bar.

H2OME Is Your Own Underwater Home

Acrylic panels have been employed for all the walls of the lower floor that face the sea. They will allow the residents to have panoramic views of patches of ocean. A firm based in Dubai has provided the furnishing whose speciality is outfitting 5-star hotels and interior of super yachts. That being said, the client will have full control over customizing this home as they see fit. It comes equipped with exterior lights and fish feeders in order to attract the marine life to the home.

H2OME Is Your Own Underwater Home

The location for the home can either be selected by the client or given by the company. In any case, the H2OME must be built at a depth of 33-59 ft. This makes it suitable for shallow warm seas, lagoons or mountain lakes. For stability purposes, the structure is bolted to struts that are attached to the ocean floor. It can maintain the same air pressure as the surface above and hence, removing the need for a decompression process. US Submarine Structures is also extending sea-scaping services.

H2OME Is Your Own Underwater Home

Umbilical pipes are used to provide water, sewage system and electricity from mainland to the structure. However, as per the information available on the company’s website, there is an option for more rather self-sustaining version of H2OME that is capable of tackling its need for fresh water and electricity on its own. The acrylic panels for viewing make use of an automated water jet cleaning system so with time the viewing quality won’t degrade.

H2OME Is Your Own Underwater Home

This mansion will cost $10 million but it’s not expensive compare to our dreams living under the sea.

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