Hacked Gameboy Instant Photo Gun

Hacked Gameboy Instant Photo Gun

Artist Dmitry Morozov has unveiled a new Arduino-based project he has created using a pea soup green original GameBoy created originally by Nintendo, together with a camera, optical relays and an original GameBoy thermal printer that has been modified to meet the new devices requirements.

Pull the trigger on the GameBoy camera gun a picture of whatever you are pointing out is printed out using the thermal printer.

Watch the Arduino project in action and how it has been constructed in more detail and how the images are then transformed into 8-bit pictures ready for printing in a instant camera style way.

“After scaring subjects into a portrait-ready pose by pointing a gun at them, photographers pull the trigger and take the snapshot. The device then immediately prints out the beautifully blocky 8-bit picture, Polaroid-style. Who needs all these megapixels when you can harness the monochrome mosaic of vintage video game technology? What’s hipper than that?”

Source: Geek

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