HALO INFINITE Rumored to Get a Similar Mode to Battle Royales


Halo Infinite is the upcoming new game in the popular Halo franchise. Details about the game have been somewhat sparse, but we maybe have learned something. Ever since its announcement in 2018, 343 Industries have insisted that it’s not bringing the popular battle royale gameplay format to Halo. Well, it looks like that may be a little misleading. According to Brad Sams who has a positive relationship with scoops for Xbox, Halo Infinite will feature at the very least a battle royale-esque mode.

Sams says that the format will not be identical to popular battle royale games like Apex Legends and Fortnite which is how he says 343 is rationalizing not calling it a battle royale mode. His report also says that this new mode could change as it’s in early stages of development.

It’s unofficial and seems to be different from previous official statements. Of course, as the game has developed, it’s possible 343 changed their minds. It’s also possible that this new mode will be very different than other battle royale games but have some familiar features. Would you want a battle royale mode in Halo Infinite? The game will release on Xbox One and PC with no release date announced yet but will get more information at E3.

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