Halo TV Series First Trailer Revealed


Geoff’s Big Show released the first full trailer for the upcoming Halo TV series, which will stream on Paramount+.

Halo Infinite’s surprise multiplayer release and the critically-acclaimed campaign have launched it to the FPS center stage, and Paramount+ is taking great advantage of that fact. The series, which starts streaming in early 2022, takes place before Halo Infinite, during the war with the Covenant. Halo Infinite picks up almost a year and a half after the end of said war, so the series may act as a good access point for Halo newcomers.

The series seems to include Dr. Catherine Halsey, who is Master Chief’s adoptive, war-criminal mother. Halsey kidnapped hundreds of children, sent them to military school, and super-modified their bodies to turn them into monstrous super-soldiers created to suppress protesters. These excessively traumatized oddballs turned into the series’ signature Spartans after aliens showed up and they had to do something other than assassinating “insurrectionists.”


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