Hancock 2: Rise of the Pheonix

hancock 2

Hancock 2: Rise of the Pheonix


Hancock was fun to watch but a weak movie all together but i’m sure Hancock 2 will be more mature and they put more focus to the story-line, this time I would like a more serious approach for this movie.

In the first movie Mary explained to John that there were others but we didn’t see any of them in the movie, they were only referenced. If they were all killed off we could easily say one of them survived and call him the phoenix.

The plot:

This movie should take place two years after the events of Hancock 1. Now Hancock is the world’s first super hero, fighting criminals and rescuing people all in the city of New York. All is fine and normal until a fallen angel by the name of Phoenix confronts Hancock at a baseball game to a fight on the field in front of the fans and the millions watching at home. Phoenix with the power of illusion, mystery, immortality and mind control defeats a brutality beaten Hancock on the field in front of everyone. Phoenix takes Hancock to an unknown world filled with everything he fears and all of his weaknesses including alcohol but it’s all an illusion as Hancock is really brought to a beach in LA.

In the meantime, Phoenix makes an illusion with his powers and creates an electrical dome barrier that covers all of America blocking it off from the rest of the world. From the dome, a weird mist seeps down onto the towns, cites and states of the U.S and turns the country into panic as the illusions and peoples’ worst fears come to life before their eyes. Giant worms eating buildings, creatures roaming the streets, wars in peoples’ backyards, everything! Phoenix is the only one who can destroy the dome and end this madness with a machine he builds on top of the empire state building. It’s then up to Mary, Ray and their son to bring Hancock back to his feet and to the super hero he truly is.

Even through all the chaos that is happening, the moon still shines down through the dome and the all heart logo that Hancock drew on the moon for Ray years ago, still remains. This is what brings him back to his senses and John realizes that he has to end this. He then flies to New York to confront Phoenix who sits on a throne in the Empire State building where an epic fight then begins.

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