Harry Potter Tarot Deck

I’m not a tarot user but I find the art on many decks to be incredibly beautiful. A few years ago, Dark Horse was going to produce a Buffy the Vampire Slayer deck but it fell through. These fan-made Harry Potter tarot will never be sold in stores due to copyright issues but artist Laura Freeman, nasubionna on DeviantArt, did some really great work on them.

There are some spoilers for the Harry Potter series going forward if for some reason you haven’t finished them yet. For The Lovers card above Freeman writes, “This card represents the obvious interpretation of romantic relationships, intimate union, love, and physical attraction. It also represents all relationships and connections and also finding out what is important to you, what you value, and making a moral or ethical choice. It can also mean struggling with temptation and making the right choice, which Harry struggles with when his relationship with Ginny first begins and he must make the tough decision to stop seeing her for her own protection… an act of love. Fortunately, this turns out to only need to be a temporary hiatus, for eventually these two teenage sweethearts end up married and starting a family of their own.”

Source: nasubionna (deviantART)

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