Hasbro’s Accustrike Nerf Guns Will Turn You Into a Sniper

Hasbro’s Accustrike Nerf Guns

Hasbro revealed its newest line of Nerf guns at its pre-New York Comic-Con event in New York last night, and while they lack the speed and size of some of the more notable Nerf guns in recent history they look pretty interesting on their own.

The Accustrike line is a new set of Nerf guns with a redesigned dart for more accurate shooting.

Accustrike darts actually have corkscrew rifling in the rubber tip, which in theory spins the darts like a bullet through a rifled barrel, making them fly straighter. The biggest issue with Nerf gun accuracy is dart aerodynamics, so this could be a game changer.

Hasbro’s Accustrike Nerf Guns

Hasbro unveiled three Accustrike guns, and I tried all three at the event. From the N-Strike Elite line there are the Falconfire pistol and the Alphahawk rifle, and from the Nerf Rebelle line, there’s the Focusfire Crossbow. Archery appears to still be culturally feminine for some reason. Thanks, Katniss.

The Falconfire blaster is a single-shot open-bolt pistol. Pull the handle back, put the dart in the chamber, and close the handle again, like the Nerf Sharpstrike. You have to make sure it clicks, or it won’t fire, and that action felt a little bit still for my tastes. Basic, but pretty accurate at short range, and it has this fun pseudo-cyberpunk look because of its partially skeletal design.

The Alphahawk is the most sniper-ass Nerf gun I’ve used since the Longstrike. It’s a sniper rifle with a rotating five-shot Nerf Strongarm-like cylinder that flips out for reloading. Bolt action and very accurate. Of course, remember accuracy with Nerf is maybe 25 to 50 feet at best, and the firing range Hasbro set up was 10 t0 15 feet anyway, but it still seemed to shoot more consistently than other Nerf guns.

The Focusfire Crossbow seemed like a smaller version of the Rebelle Codebreaker crossbow. Single-action, rotating barrel, bowstring that pulls back when you cock it even though the power is all in the plunger’s spring. This gun was pretty neat because of a set of pop-up rangefinder sights with notches at different elevations. Useless at the event, but with practice, I could see them offering some impressive accuracy at different distances.

The Nerf Accurstrike line launches this spring, with prices ranging from $15 for the Falconfire to $30 for the Alphahawk. There’s also a Nerf Rebelle Truepoint single-shot gun coming out for $10.

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