Hasbro’s Star Wars Monopoly

Hasbro’s Star Wars Monopoly

Star Wars: The Force Awakens‘ primary character Rey is missing from Hasbro’s Star Wars Monopoly and people are not happy about it. Lucasfilm,

Disney, Hasbro and other license-holders for the record-breaking sci-fi film have taken a lot of heat lately for not including Daisy Ridley’s native of Jaaku in more of the tie-in products based on the seventh live action film in the Star Wars series.

Hasbro’s Star Wars Monopoly

The four characters players can chose from in the game are Return of the Jedi-era Luke Skywalker, Finn, Kylo Ren, and Darth Vader. Hasbro actually came out to comment about the characters included in the game.

“The Star Wars: Monopoly game was released in September, months before the movie’s release, and Rey was not included to avoid revealing a key plot line that she takes on Kylo Ren and joins the Rebel Alliance,” a Hasbro spokesperson said.

Rey has been included in the Star Wars version of chess, Guess Who, and Hands Down. She will also have six- and 12-inch action figures hitting shelves.

Update: Now Hasbro announced to include Rey in the upcoming Hasbro’s Star Wars Monopoly.

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