Haunting Animation Based on The Creator’s Horrifying Experience with Sleep Paralysis

Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis is a very real and horrifying experience. If you’ve never faced it, consider yourself very lucky. For those of you wanted to know the stories people have to tell about their sleep paralysis experiences, Check out this animated short film here that you’ve got to watch.

The short was created by Andrew Ognibene and in the short, he explains his own frightening fight with sleep paralysis and the beasts that terrorized him. It’s actually really disturbing stuff, and for anyone who has felt this for yourself, you’ll be able to relate to the story.

Animated story documenting my experience with sleep paralysis. Made this for my 2D studio class at Pratt Institute. I am a student and this was my final sophomore project.

Ognibene’s sister Reddit user wilallgood, shared a comment on Reddit regarding her brother, saying:

My brother has been dealing with Sleep Paralysis since middle school. He made this haunting yet hopeful animation for a final and so others can see what he sees.

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