Haunting of Cellblock 11 Trailer

Haunting of Cellblock 11

The movie stars Jeffrey Johnson, Linara Washington, Charley Koontz and Dee Wallace.

In Haunting of Cellblock 11, a television ghost hunting show called “Ghost Sightings” is having trouble capturing compelling paranormal activity and faces possible cancellation by the TV network. As luck would have it, they are approached by an elderly man who is being tormented by entities and needs the team’s help to rid him of his unrelenting demons. In a last ditch effort to capture apparitional evidence, the team follows the man’s lead and heads to an abandoned prison in the middle of the country where they encounter skittish locals, leery of the prison and the secrets it holds.

Despite the warnings, the team sets up their cameras and investigates the infamous Freeling State Penitentiary in hopes of capturing enough evidence to keep their TV show on the air. However, it doesn’t take long before the team is faced with malevolent spirits that put their lives in true danger. As the night wears on, it becomes a fight for their lives as the team struggles to survive against the ghost of an inmate who died in the prison and now is attempting to come back by inhabiting one of the team members, presenting a real, physical threat to the remaining ghost hunters.

Writer/director Andrew P. Jones’ Haunting of Cellblock 11 is now available on VOD from Gravitas Ventures. Hitting DVD this September.


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