Have a Look At USA’s MegaBot Mark II Preparing For Epic Battle


USA company MegaBots, Inc. challenged Japan to a giant robot battle, and Japanese stepped up and accepted the challenge. Now, Mega Bots, Inc. is currently in the process of preparing for that fight, and they are raising funds to help get their robot battle-ready.

Quartz visited them and shot a video showing us what it’s like to sit inside the two-story MegaBot Mark II giant fighting robot. They also conducted an interview with one of MegaBot’s founders, Matt Oehrlein.

“For everyone who dreamt of sitting in a giant fighting robot as a kid, it is exactly as awesome as expected.”

Japan’s Suidobashi Heavy Industries, I am sure will come up with some mega robot of their own packed with some ninja fighting styles. Their giant robot Kuratas is going to kick MegaBot’s ass. After all it is their territory fighting mech’s and robotics.

I don’t care who will win, It will be a great spectacle to watch after all, We are stepping into the Real Steel territory guys! It will be epic. Watch the video below and be amazed.

You can donate at this Kickstarter campaign.

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