HBO Max Finishes Rollout of Customer Experience Update Including Shareplay and Shuffle


HBO Max is facing hard times, it seems. Many projects got the ax after the unification with Discovery and many seem to be wondering if the platform will be around much longer. Well, for those that haven’t left the ship just yet, your experience is officially more promising.

The user experience on desktop, mobile apps, and Amazon Fire tablets has been given a refresh. This comes with many important features to all of the areas for a more cohesive experience such as the Shuffle button now being available on mobile devices so you can have the service pick a random episode for you to start on for your desired show.

  • Shuffle button functionality expansion to mobile devices. Previously only available on the desktop and CTV experiences, this feature gives users the ability to randomize the first episode that plays for select series on the platform.

  • SharePlay support for iPhone and iPad users (the U.S. only)

    • Subscribers in the U.S. with an ad-free plan and an iPhone or iPad can now use SharePlay to watch their favorite HBO Max programs in sync with friends and family while on a FaceTime call.

  • A dedicated home for downloaded content with improved performance and stability

  • Tablet support for both landscape and portrait orientations

  • An enhanced screen reader experience with improved navigation elements and functionality

  • The ability to split screens with other apps on any behavior-supported mobile device

  • Updated, intuitive navigation

  • A refined design and visual styling to let the content shine

  • Chromecast stability improvements

That’s no little update. It does beg the question of why some of these things are just now occurring, but it’s good that it’s occurring now. Hopefully, it’s not too late. Kamyar Keshmiri of Warner Bros. Discovery Streaming said:

We are delighted to introduce the revamped HBO Max mobile and desktop apps. The changes give our users more of the features they care most about, along with improved navigation and a more immersive canvas for storytelling, helping them click play on their favorite content faster and with less friction.


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