HBO’s BEFOREIGNERS Based On Viking and Stone Age People Transported to the Modern Day


This is a very crazy and unique idea for a new series. HBO has exactly what you’re looking for with a new miniseries it is called Beforeigners. We’ve got the first trailer for you which features an idea where individuals from the Stone Age, the Viking era, and the late 19th century suddenly appear in the modern-day world.

The series is set in the near future, and it’s defined as sci-fi crime drama where these time-traveling refugees have settled in Oslo, Norway. We have no idea why or how this happened and how they teleported to the modern world, but it sure makes for an interesting story! Watching these people living in these modern times is gonna be interesting. Then you have the whole police procedural thing that takes things to a whole new exciting level and how would the world react to this new kind of refugee problem!?

The show was directed by Jens Lien and stars Nicolai Cleve Broch and Krista Kosonen as the pair of mismatched cops. The series has already aired on HBO Europe last August but is now currently streaming in the United States on HBO Now and HBO Go. Check out the trailer below.

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