HE-MAN’s Battle Cat Life-Size Hunting Trophy: Desirable For Dentists


You’ve all heard about that dentist forking over $50,000 to hunt and kill a lion in Africa. Turns out the guy killed the most famous lion in the country! Now, he is the one being hunted on social forums as well as in real life. Well I hope this all worth it for him, He must be very satisfied with his masculinity by killing that poor lion and track him for 40 hours in wounded state and then put a bullet in him and beheaded and skinned him afterwards. Anyways if any other dentists wants to have a cheap trophy (Comparing to $50,000) this is THE one, No poor animal will be hurt and you won’t be hunted afterwards.

The Masters of the Universe collectible was created by Super 7, and it was used as a decoration for the shop they set up at San Diego Comic-Con earlier this month. They’ve decided to sell a limited edition run of only 10 of these Battle Cat heads.

Straight from Skeletor’s Lair to you comes the life-sized Battle Cat Hunting Trophy! The authentically detailed fiberglass trophy is the perfect addition to the den of any maniacal Lord of Destruction wanting to impress and intimidate their guests, or simply bask in the glory of their own evil power.

The Battle Cat Hunting Trophy is crafted by Los Angeles based art fabrication shop Pretty in Plastic from high-quality painted fiberglass, mounted on a 31″ tall, 22″ wide wooden plaque, and measures 22″ deep from the tip of the nose to the wall. Battle Cat can be displayed with our without the signature helmet, making it the ultimate centerpiece to any Masters of the Universe collection.

If you want one and you have $8,500 to spend, you can pre-order it here. And guess what!? People won’t hate you for buying it and mounting it on your wall! Well, that’s not true, they might hate you because you have one and they don’t.

Via: Toyark

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