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Heidi Lavon

The American model is a tattoo superstar with vast Instagram followers, she discovered tattoos at her teenage and fall in love with them.

Heidi Lavon (born May 22, 1987) is an international tattoo model from Alaska and she is well known in the tattoo industry for her contribution in Skin Art Magazine where she talks about tattoos and for her appearance in ads covering different tattoo brands. She has worked with many tattoo magazines, tattoo product brands, and tattoo apparel companies. You can find her on the cover of almost every major tattoo magazine. Heidi Lavon is one of the most energetic and prominent tattoo models in the industry.

Her body is plastered with tattoos. We were very pleased to meet and talk about her passion for tattoos and get to know her better to grasp insight into what she has planned for the future.


Heildi, you have about 1 million Instagram followers, and increasing by the day. Do you get recognized very often?

I love tattoos as you can see they subjugate my skin. I get intention everywhere I go depending on the outfit I choose. I post my schedule on Instagram about where I am heading, and what I am doing so it’s natural to have a few people visit the place and say hi but I will not consider myself an absolute superstar.


Tell us about yourself briefly

I am currently living in Portland, Oregon. Here I started perusing a career as a tattoo model. I have worked with multiple tattoo magazines, tattoo product brands, and tattoo apparel brands. I enjoy going on vacation and shooting is my favorite activity outside my career.


Why did you fall in love with tattoos?

I started getting tattoos at a very young age. I had few tattoos while I was living in Alaska but after moving to Portland, I immediately started getting more tattoos. I love them because they express my individuality, and freedom and they make me more beautiful.

Can you describe tattoos on your arms?

Yes, on the left arm I have an ocean habitat featuring jellyfish, shark, small fish, tortoise, octopus, and pearl oyster. On the right side, I have tribal women wearing wolf head, crow, and iceman.

Why and how did you get into tattoo modeling?

I never started to be a model, I loved modifying my body with tattoos because they made me beautiful but as I got more and more tattoos, I started getting attention from tattoo magazines, tattoo products, and apparel brands. Things kind of fell into the right place for me and I started getting offers for work from the tattoo community. I am glad that it all worked well for me in the end.


Any plans for 2019?

I will be going to several tattoo conventions, meeting new people from the industry has always been a pleasant experience for me. I will also be doing shoots for a tattoo apparel brand. Other than that I really do want to visit new places with my fiancé for some quality personal time.

Tell us about your relationship

I love my fiancé James Ramsey, he is a loving and kind person. He has only been good to me and supported me in all my career. Ramsey is a US military veteran, an athlete, and also a tattoo model.

She has amassed an Instagram following of 823,000 followers and continues to create ongoing content for all of her other social channels including YouTube where

she shares her passion for the beauty industry, as well as covering topics that make her relatable on so many other levels.

With a larger-than-life personality, she stresses utilizing her large platforms to reach and help others

find the confidence within themselves to live their life with a more open mind with no concern for the nay-sayers.


Less Known Facts about Heidi Lavon:

She is of Irish, German, and Polish descent.

Heidi has been a licensed hairstylist for the last 13 years and loves incorporating her passion and knowledge for hair into her every day modeling life and photography works.

Lavon has been featured on the hit IFC television show ‘Portlandia’.



Full Name: Heidi Lavon

Nick: Heidi

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Profession: Writer for Skin Art Magazine, Tattoo Spokesmodel

Birthplace: Casa Grande, Arizona

Religion: Christianity

Current location: Portland Oregon

Height: 5’7

Weight: 155lbs

Eye color: Brown

Hair Color: Blue/black

Relationship: Engaged to James Ramsey

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