Heinz Ketchup Repositions Its Label to Appear Right Side When Correct Pouring Angle is Achieved

Heinz Ketchup Repositions Its Label

The famous and most recognizable bottle of Heinz Ketchup has gotten a small but smart makeover in a Toronto, Canada test-market. With the help of the design company Rethink Canada, the unique label has been skillfully repositioned so that it appears right-side-up when the accurate pouring angle has been reached.

According to Brian Neumann, who is a senior brand manager at Kraft Heinz Canada, the company has long been seeking a way to demonstrate how to best get their ketchup out of the bottle and wanted to be comical about it.

This year, we have focused our marketing on reinforcing the emotional connection fans have with the brand in clever and ownable ways. …We’re always thinking of fun, cheeky ways we can highlight the iconic and timeless nature of the product to give our consumers a smile.

Heinz Ketchup Pour Perfectly in Store

Via: DesignTAXI

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