What if Heisenberg had been caught

It’s sad to say, but the finale of Breaking Bad has come and gone, and the series is finished. From the first episode things were out of control for Walt, and as the show progressed there was quite a transformation in his character. Walt’s crime spree seemed to start innocently enough, perhaps even with good intent, but as time went on, his humble station in the game was elevated not only by his mastery of the craft, but by the ruthlessness with which he attacked his occupation’s hurdles. His wife, Skyler, also played her part in helping to propagate, and cover up, Walt’s crimes. Even Walt’s DEA officer brother in law lost his composure at times, and committed criminal acts for which he will never be charged. Many of the crimes committed, like those of Saul, and presumably Jesse, will likely go unpunished, since it seems these characters made a clean break at the end of the show.

In the eyes of the law, there were felonies committed in every episode, even Walt’s unwitting son is guilty. But with everyone from Heisenberg down to Skyler’s sister, Marie, having been implicated, throughout the series, in criminal activity the question on everyone’s mind is: What would have happened if the cast had been arrested and charged?

What if Heisenberg had been caught

Breaking bad graphic via Instant Checkmate.

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