Here’s What ‘Game of Thrones’ Fans Think Will Happen in Season 7

Game of Thrones

The final episode of Game of Thrones Season 6 aired and with it a lot of fan theories started to float around — Season 4 will air in 10 months but that doesn’t mean people are ready to put Westeros on the back burner.

In the Game of Thrones subreddit, fan theories for Season 7 have reached a fever pitch — from the role of Euron to important discoveries in Samwell’s dream library, here are some of the best..

Jamie will kill Cersei…



This is an old theory, but it’s clearly a popular one because it keeps cropping back up. And based on that look Jamie and Cersei shared at the end of the final episode, it certainly seems likely.

…But not before a mini Lannister reunion takes place.



This would be too entertaining a reunion for the writers to ignore, surely. Tyrion, who has always been viewed with disdain by his sister, deserves his moment of triumph.

Jon will marry Daenerys.



We’re not sure about this one. Although Daenerys did hint at a tactical marriage at the end of Season 6, we’re not sure she’d need to marry Jon to get him on side. You never know, though (and the fact that he’s her nephew definitely wouldn’t be a big deal if Targaryen history is anything to go by).

(Or, at the very least, they’ll be allies.)



To us, this seems the most likely option for Season 7. They’re both powerful, wary characters, and we can imagine their allegiance being a tense one until they get to know each other properly (or at least until Tyrion’s thawed the ice).

Sam will make a crucial discovery.



This seems inevitable. Sam must have gone all that way for some reason, and — as his key proven skill is research — a big discovery in the Citadel’s library seems like the most likely development for him.

And Gendry will reappear to save the day.



He’s got to come back at some point, right?

Some people had pretty much the whole Season mapped out.



Arya killing Melisandre is certainly a possibility (she’s another name on her list, after all), and we think the Wall coming down is also very likely. Sansa versus Littlefinger could be an interesting battle, although we’re still not 100 percent convinced Sansa will stay entirely loyal to Jon.

This person, in particular, seemed to have it nailed.



Only things we’re not sure about from that list are the points about Arya and Jamie. A Stark reunion would be a nice bit of symmetry (something the show loves) so we think Arya will meet up with her family again, and we think Jamie might last a bit longer after he dispatches Cersei (we do think there’s a good chance he’ll die before the show’s conclusion, though).

And finally, the most plausible theory of all.



If all else fails, that one’s definitely got spin-off potential.

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