Hero Complex Gallery Movie Poster Prints Coming To NYCC

Hero Complex Gallery Movie Poster

Check out this amazing collection of movie poster prints created by different talented artists that will be available for buy at New York Comic Con this weekend and they are also available for order online.

Hero Complex Gallery Movie Poster

The movies represented include Kill Bill by Marko Manev, Pulp Fiction by Marko Manev, The Godfather by Vance Kelly, Predator by Chris Koehler, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by Kevin M. Wilson, The Dark Crystal by Kevin M Wilson, Vertigo by Danny Haas, Big Trouble in Littler China by Tom Walker, The Lighthouse by Melvin Mago, Let The Right One In by Dave O’Flanagan, The Lost Boys by Hans Woody, Batman Returns by Rich Davis, X-Men: The Animated Series by Julien Rico Jr., Fight Club by Vance Kelly, Top Gun by Dave O’ Flanagan, Stand By Me by Ignacio RC, Alien by Kirk Moffatt, Sherlock Holmes by Yvan Quinet, Dune by Kris Miklos, Prey by Casey Callender, Masters of the Universe by 12 sketches, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by Mark Bell, The Lord of the Rings by Cristian Eres, Mad Max Fury Road by Rich Davis, Gladiator by Adam Edwards, Metropolis by Cristian Eres, Mission: Impossible by Yvan Quinet, Master and Commander by Yvan Quinet, Prey by Ycan Quinet, Spys Like Us by Yvan Quinet, Rush by Yvan Quinet, Alien by Yvan Quinet, Gangs of New York by Yvan Quinet, and more.

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