HexGaming Released Customized Ultra One and Ultra X Controllers for Xbox Consoles

Xbox Controllers for Xbox Consoles

HexGaming launched Ultra One and Ultra X controllers for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. These are customized controllers that start at $169.99. The two controllers are alike although the Ultra X does have more customization options with items like rubberized grips. That being said, the Ultra One does present“an industry-leading digital trigger mechanism, shortening the trigger’s active distance to just 1.5mm.” Both controllers feature 4 remappable back buttons and switchable thumbsticks although these vary a bit between the models.

The Ultra One has 6 interchangeable thumbsticks delivering 3 different heights and 2 different ergonomic thumb grips (domed or concave) while the Ultra X has 8 interchangeable thumbsticks delivering 2 different heights and 3 different ergonomic thumb grips (domed, concave, and concave widened). The Ultra X also has a switch by each trigger that lets you change how it feels. They can be set to either be a smooth full-pull feel or a short mouse-like click. The Ultra X also has the ability to save up to 6 different paddle mapping profiles.

Talking about the new Ultra One and Ultra X controllers, CEO of HexGaming Ray Zhu said:

Competitive gamers know the importance of having the perfect controller, as the slightest movement can be the difference between victory and defeat. HexGaming’s new Ultra X and Ultra One controllers will literally change the game for eSports on Xbox.

You can get your Ultra One or Ultra X from HexGaming or through Amazon now.

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