Hidden Map In Your Phone Shows Where You’ve Been and the Pictures You Took There

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We live in a world where companies have to need all of our information, whether we like it or not. And at times data is being collected about us that we don’t even know about.

One example is Google Photos, which many people use to take pictures and make memories. But what a lot of people don’t know or don’t realize is that there is a location tracking feature within the app that shows exactly where each photo on your phone was taken.

If you click open your Google Photos app and click “Search” and “Places” you’ll find a map of all the places where you’ve taken pictures.

If you’re logged into your Google account, your Google Maps app will also give you this data. You can select “Your Timeline” and then choose from “Day” to sort by date or “Places” and you’ll see maps of what kinds of businesses you’ve been to.

If you’re not pleased with this information and being tracked, you can always disable this feature. To do this in the Google Maps app, you can click on “Manage Location History” when you are in “Timeline”. You can then turn it off.

In the Google Photos app, you can turn this off by clicking on “Settings”, then “Sharing”, and you can turn on “Hide Photo Location Data.”

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