High Octane Powered New Sleigh For Santa

Lindberg Bros

A Badass sleigh has been developed for Santa this year, Sleigh is powered by a raucous 600hp V8. We all know that Santa is a petrolhead and a globe trotter, so as it’s Christmas, we present to you the ‘SnowMonster’.

Built by Swedish drag racing outfit the Lindberg Bros, the SnowMonster is a proper frankensled. Utilising an old Volvo Duett chassis but having the look of an 1920s Model T, it’s powered by a modified Chevy big block that sends power to the dual Arctic Cat Lynx tracks via a Chevy auto ‘box with a Hurst shifter.

badass santa

It runs on high-octane super juice rather than carrots, so it’s a bit less economical than a herd of flying deer. But it also spits fire and can drift. Which reindeer’s cannot.

So if you hear the rumbling of a feral V8 on your rooftop on Christmas eve, don’t be surprised. Santa is coming to town!


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