Highly Detailed Aztec Inspired Pop Culture Illustrations

Aztec Inspired Pop Culture Illustrations

Artist Jorge Garza aka QETZA made these gorgeous and stunningly detailed Aztec inspired illustrations that appear in sketches, comics, on t-shirtshoodies, and stickers; in black and white and in vivid color. Many of Garza’s works are available for purchase from his online store.

Jorge Garza, (aka Qetza) is an artist from Northwest Indiana, best known as a t-shirt designer for various bands and brands. Jorge also has his own online shop selling his original designs. Currently he is working on an art book (Aztec/Pop Culture Series) and a horror comic book he will write and draw. Jorge’s work starts from pencil sketches that are scanned and reworked in Photoshop using a drawing tablet. With major influences of comic book art, horror illustration, ancient cultural art of the Americas and screen printing, his work ranges from simple to highly detailed pen and ink.

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