Hilarious Donald Trump’s Border Wall Lego Design

Donald Trump Lego

America anxiously awaits a ruling on President Donald Trump’s controversial border wall, a 40-year-old Canadian ironworker has decided to build the barrier himself, one Lego brick at a time. Chris, who goes by Balderdhash on Reddit, first announced his border wall Lego design in Feb. 2017 while he was home from work recuperating from a medical issue.

“I decided to teach myself to Photoshop with my spare time,” Chris told Forbes through Reddit. “The inspiration came from a combination of recreational cannabis and the media attention the wall was getting, I simply saw the subject trending and ran with it. It got a lot of laughs at the time and I didn’t concern myself with any negative comments, I was having fun.”

Chris originally posted his image on Reddit’s r/TinyTrumps, home to photoshopped pictures of a small Trump, where it collected a decent 1,400 upvotes. Since then, Chris’ picture has been reposted countless times, including on r/pics Tuesday where it went viral with more than 13,000 upvotes.

Lego has increased in popularity amongst adults since Jeff Thompson coined the term “AFOL” or “adult fan of Lego” in 1995 on Usenet. Lego has since gained on its growing adult market with products like Lego Architecture, a sub-brand started in 2008. The series allows people to make historic landmarks like the Rockefeller Center and Fallingwater. The iconic toy company’s grip on the adult market was established in 2014 with the release of the Lego Movie which filled in enough adult humor to earn more than $469 million at the box office. The Danish company newly crowdfunded a new Lego concept called FORMA directed at helping decrease stress in adult population.

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