Hilarious New Trailer For Adam Sandler and Chris Rock’s Netflix Movie THE WEEK OF

Steve Buscemi

Netflix has released a new trailer for Adam Sander and Chris Rock’s Netflix comedy The Week Of. I know Adam Sandler is attached to this movie and many of you are not excited at all about this new movie, but believe do check out the trailer and you might like it. This movie have a quite different subtle style of comedy than some of Adam Sander’s older Netflix films like The Ridiculous Six, The Do-Over, and Sandy Wexler.

When two very different fathers (Adam Sandler and Chris Rock) come together for their children’s wedding, everything that could go wrong, does. Watch the hilarious hijinks as the two try to keep everything afloat, while dealing with their families…and each other. Before they get to the big day, they have to go through a long week.

The Week Of was written and directed by Saturday Night Live writer Robert Smigel. It also co-stars Rachel DratchSteve Buscemi, Rob Morgan, Scott Cohen, and more.

The Week Of airs April 27th on Netflix.

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