Hilarious Side Of THOR: RAGNAROK Unveiled In Honest Trailer


Thor: Ragnarok was one of the hilarious movie Marvel pumped out, and it was greatly entertaining. Not everyone appreciated the humor in the movie, and a lot of people are rooting that we wouldn’t see any more Marvel films go into this absurd direction. Personally, I loved it! Director Taika Waititi has an insane sense of humor and I love his movies, so I am very much happy with how Ragnarok has turned out.


And now as all of you were expecting Screen Junkies made an Honest Trailer for the film, and it’s awesome fun to watch! They point out all of the ridiculous things in the movie, but they appreciated the movie as well, Check out the video below.

Everyone knows the best way to end a trilogy is to finally figure out what the trilogy should have been the whole time. – it’s Thor: Ragnarok

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