Hilarious Subway Ads Revealing The Truth About Muslims


These are the most genuinely hilarious posters! Series of hilarious ads for the documentary, The Muslims Are Coming! was posted throughout the subway system on Tuesday, bringing genuine laughter to millions of miserable urban commuters.

The campaign was a creation of Negin Farsad and Dean Obeidallah, both Muslim comedians. The campaign was originally submitted in 2015, but was banned by the MTA because the ads were considered disputed “political speech.” Farsad and Obeidallah, together with Muslim Advocates, filed a lawsuit against the MTA to challenge the decision and an October 2015 court ruling reversed the ban.

Farsad said:

“[We want] to show that Muslims can be funny, ridiculous, delightful, you know, the opposite of violent terrorists. Right now, the only thing Americans see or hear about Muslims is that they should be banned or that they should be on a “Muslim registry” or that we should under no circumstances help a Muslim refugee in need. The rhetoric out there is rough.”

The posters, currently pasted in 144 locations, hope to both advertise the movie and combat painful anti-Muslim stereotypes.

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