Hilarious SUPER DRUNK Short Film Written and Acted by Drunk People


Star Drunk,” are back with a hilarious new series of five shorts for your viewing enjoyment. I can relate to some of the content within the videos. “Star Drunk,”all of these films were written and acted by drunk people. Just watch the already released videos and have a insane laugh and I will be posting more when they become available.

The Drunk Series is an experiment in writing screenplays while drunk with several writers from the Portland area. We promised each other that whatever we wrote, we would produce them as short films. We ended up with six creations and asked our brave and talented cast to be sloppy, near-blackout drunk on the days and nights of filming.


The first short in the series that I’m sharing is called “Super Drunk.” It’s a superhero genre parody and it comes with this brief story summary:  “Super heroes and super villains collide in order to save or destroy the planet. Except everybody’s drunk.”


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