History of Donald Trump’s Twitter Account

Donald Trump

If any presidential candidate has reason to mark Twitter’s tenth birthday, it’s Donald Trump. The platform has been a driving force in his insurgent presidential candidacy in 2016.

Trump’s started his Twitter on May 4, 2009, promoting his appearance on Late Night with former host David Letterman.

Trump’s popularity among many in the Republican base was born in part from Birtherism — or the theory that President Barack Obama was born in Kenya and not Hawaii.

At the height of the Ebola outbreak in 2014, Trump — who has no medical or science background — urged Obama to stop flights from areas that were battling the deadly disease.

Trump has tried to pick fights with a number of celebrities and famous faces by firing off 140-character insults.

There was the time Trump thought the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks was the right time to address his haters.

Perhaps the best part of Trump’s twitter feed are the random 140-character insights into the reality star’s head.

Bragged about his alleged above-average intelligence (which is hard to believe based on the many misspellings in his tweets)…

One can only imagine what it would look like if he were to become president.

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