History of Every Canceled BATMAN Movie – Video


This is the great resource for Batman fans right here, check out this fascinating video. The video comes from Looper, and it takes us through the history of every canceled Batman movie that never made it to the big screen.

The Caped Crusader’s ongoing film saga ranks among the top five highest-grossing movie franchises in the United States. But he’s also faced his share of setbacks along the way. For every Bat-blockbuster that made its way to theaters, there’s a take on the character that unceremoniously died in development. Here’s the history behind every one of those canceled Batman movies…

The movie project listed in the video include The Batman, Robin’s spinoff, Batman: Unchained, Batman: Darknight, Batman: Year One, Batman Beyond, Batman vs. Superman: Asylum, and Justice League: Mortal.

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