Hitler’s Assassination Plot Unfolds in the Trailer of 13 MINUTES


13 Minutes is a WWII film that tells the true story of an assassination attempt on Hitler. There were several failed attempts to take Hitler out during the war, but this one focuses on a German man named Georg Elser. He built a homemade bomb and planted it a venue that Hitler was supposed to speak at. The event ended early and Hitler left 13 minutes before the bomb exploded. 13 Minutes explores Elser’s life leading up to the assassination attempt and the motive behind his plot to kill Hitler.

13 MINUTES tells the incredible true story of the man who nearly changed the world – Georg Elser, a carpenter who attempted to carry out a bomb plot against Hitler at a Nazi convention in Munich 1939. The film follows Georg’s fascinating confession, of not only how a seemingly non-political man came to this point, but also delving into his personal relationships and how they were affected by his beliefs, especially with the love of his life, Elsa.

13 Minutes is set to hit theaters on March 13th, 2017.

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