Hobbit 48FPS !

 The Big question do we have to pay for the Extra frames in the Hobbit ?

The answer is NO We don’t have to pay extra for the extra frames we see in The Hobbit !

Hobbit 48FPS !

It looks like we won’t have to fork over any extra cash if we want to watch The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in 48 frames per second! I thought for sure the whole 48fps thing would add another $5 dollars onto our ticket prices. I’m just happy that they agreed that there’s really no reason for them to up the cost for audiences.

I try to avoid watching 3D movies because I think it’s absurd that they charge me $17.50 to see one. In fact, it absolutely pisses me off. According to Variety, “Warners did not advocate for a higher ticket price, and exhibits agreed.” I thank them for that… for now.

The studio proposes a limited rollout for its 48fps version of The Hobbit, which will be delivered on December 14th. After all of the negative buzz it got at CinemaCon earlier this year, they just want to be cautious and help audiences into it. Once that happens and everyone likes it, they’ll extend it into more theaters, and then they’ll make us pay more money!

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