Hollywood Leading Ladies: 7 of the Greatest Movie Outfits of All Time

If you happen to have money to drop on a replica of an iconic movie dress or pair of shoes, you came to the right place! We put together a list of 7 of the most iconic movie outfits of all time. They’re unique, timeless, and instantly recognizable. Read on to see what the Hollywood leading ladies have revolutionized over the years.

Holly’s LBD – Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Hollywood Leading Ladies

The LBD – or the little black dress – probably didn’t even exist until Breakfast at Tiffany’s debuted in 1961. Even then, Holly Golightly’s dress didn’t even look like any ordinary LBD. Designed by Hubert de Givenchy, the famous LBD has an interesting semi-open-back design and is best accompanied with pearls. It made LBDs insanely popular in the 1960s and even more so in the following decades. In 2006, this very dress was auctioned for 410,000 pounds.

Scarlett’s red dress – Gone With the Wind

Hollywood Leading Ladies

Rhett Butler made Scarlett’s O’Hara wear this red dress to “show up” the people who kept gossiping about her and another lad (Ashley Wilkes) around town. This dress not only helped Scarlett achieve her goal, but it also served as an inspiration to the designs of future sultry dresses worn by other women. For example, Winona Ryder’s red dress in Bram Stoker’s Dracula was astoundingly similar to Scarlett O’Hara’s dress, only it was completely free of lace and frills. Nicole Kidman later sported a modern version of this dress in Moulin Rouge. If you ask me, Scarlett O’Hara’s red dress is a timeless one that can easily be modified to suit modern fashion trends.

Rose’s dinner gown – Titanic

Hollywood Leading Ladies

Rose Dewitt Bukater wore this mesmerizing, timeless, and iconic dress on the night she fell in love with Jack Dawson on the Titanic. Like Mademoiselle Florens once said, “Give an actress the right dress, and she’ll conquer the world.” This is exactly what Kate Winslet did. Anyone who has seen Titanic will instantly recognize this dress anywhere. Did you know that 1,000 hours were spent adding Austrian crystals and individual glass beads to this iconic dress?

Dorothy’s blue dress & sparkling ruby slippers – The Wizard of Oz

Hollywood Leading Ladies

While Dorothy’s blue dress would be recognized by anyone who has seen The Wizard of Oz (and will continue to be recognized in the years to come), her ruby red slippers actually stole the show when the film first debuted in 1939. It launched red as the new ”it” color (and brought on a bunch of new adjectives for the color, like roaring red). Even today, more than 70 years later, “ruby red slippers” or even “ruby red shoes” instantly brings Dorothy and The Wizard of Oz to mind.

Jo’s slip-on loafers – Funny Face

Hollywood Leading Ladies

When Audrey Hepburn was asked to wear socks with her black suede slip-on loafers during the filming of Funny Face in 1957, she refused to comply. Eventually she did, and when she saw the movie for the first time, she sent the director (Stanley Donen) a note that read, “You were right about the socks. Love, Audrey.” Those loafers brought on the popularity of flats in the alternative youth culture of the late 50s and 60s.

Cher’s Mary Janes – Clueless

Hollywood Leading Ladies

Until Clueless came on the big screen in 1995, Mary Jane shoes were only for little girls. Cher, a teenage fashionista, stepped out in pretty adult-sized silver Mary Janes in the movie, and it started gaining popularity once Clueless debuted. Those Mary Janes were chosen by costume designer Mona May, who wanted to make Cher look sweet and youthful.

Cecilia’s green dress – Atonement

Hollywood Leading Ladies

It might be strange to see such a modern dress on this list, but you would be surprised at how popular this dress became when Atonement debuted in 2007. It went straight into many “best costumes ever” lists. Cecilia Tallis (Keira Knightley) wore this dress to seduce Robbie (James McAvoy) in one of the key scenes of the movie, but little did anyone know that it would also seduce the fashionistas in the real world. The Internet is now chock full of replicas, as well as sewing patterns, of this dress.

Which iconic movie outfit in this list is your favorite? We’re especially fond of Kate Winslet’s dinner gown on Titanic.

This is a post by Anita. She is a fashion enthusiast, a style geek and a writer for Macy’s.

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