Honda Accord 2008 model review

 Honda Accord 2008

In this post, we will give you a short 2008 Honda Accord review. The seventh Accord became larger, more mature and more solid than its predecessor. The specialists of the Frankfurt studio of Honda worked on the design. The modified body looks very prestigious. 

2008 Honda Accord spec

Honda offers eight colors with pearl or metallic shades combined with various beige or black interiors. The streamlined shape, beautiful dynamic rigidity, and improved body noise isolation make the Accord interior exceptionally cozy and quiet place to stay.

The interior has completely changed, in the upper covers on the door panels or in the characteristic round shape of the padlock switches.

The instrument panel is a dark space when the ignition is switched off and the car is closed, but as soon as the door locks are unlocked, the panel illuminates and becomes even brighter with the turning of the ignition key thanks to the inner illumination. High-contrast, large-scale gadgets have white and red scale variations depending on the modification.

Honda Accord 2008

In the arrangement of numerous buttons on the front panel, there is a clear logic. The devices headed by the huge speedometer are equipped with the Night Panel function: in the dark of the day, you can “deactivate” all dials and leave only glowing speedometer in sight.

Other features include the Profiler system, which allows you to change the settings for seat heatsink, anti-theft system, etc. The luxury version (which affects 2008 honda accord price) will delight you with a large interactive color display with a touch-screen function: wander through the menu by touching the virtual “keys” that appear on the screen.

A pleasant, stylish setting, an unusual front panel design plus the use of high-quality materials and perfectly matched joints – all this in itself testifies to the highest quality of workmanship.

Honda Accord 2008

A two-zone climate control, a CD player and a rain sensor (everything in the standard) create a comfortable and cozy stay in the cabin. On request, you can get leather trim, a DVD player, wooden inserts and side inflatable “curtains” that were used for Accord for the first time. 2008 honda accord engine is also great.

Creating the seventh generation of Accord, the company’s engineers have switched from the traditional double-wishbone suspension for front and rear wheels to a more sophisticated and advanced multi-link suspension, providing extra comfort ride, precision and stability in driving, as well as the benefits of the layout.


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